Monday, June 15, 2009

EMPS #42 -- Cats and water

Today's Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot is about "Playing in the Water." I don't play in the water much myself, nor do I go over to my grandchildrens' house while they're playing in it -- that pretty much leaves the cats. Today I tried to coach each of them to play in water, both in the sink and in their water dish, but the following two pictures were what I got. ;-) The first is Stevie and the water dish and the second is Socksie and the same dish.

Carly, who hosts the EMPS, prefers that we not go into our archives for pictures but try to shoot fresh ones. I did want to show one archived picture, because I have a number of them with Socksie playing in the water when she was little. She doesn't do that any more.

To go to Carly's site, follow the link in the first sentence.


Jama said...

I like that shot of your cat playing with the water in the sink! I've yet to upload mine, will do soon.

Vicki said...

Love the cat at the sink!

Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

YEA! The kitties got involved this week! I always look forward to seeing them. My two fellas also enjoy watching water from the tap. We have a lot of fun with water in my house. Neat entry.


Mike said...

My mom's cat used to do the same thing with the water faucet. Until he decided to move on to the toilet, that is. :). Fun shots!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Love that last shot! We had a cat once that would lay on the edge of the tub while you bathed..until one day she fell in..never again..she was pretty upset! :)