Wednesday, November 11, 2009

EMPS #63 -- Downtown

The theme of the present Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot at Carly's blog is "Downtown." We were to take shots of the downtown of our city or town or hamlet. I guess you could almost call Canby a hamlet -- it's not very big in the downtown area.
Here are the pictures I took of downtown Canby today. They go from the new movie theater, to the grocery store, to downtown stores, lastly showing the bricked circular intersections that have added class to the city.

To go to the meme and play the game, follow the link in the first sentence.


Jama said...

I've yet to go into town this week. I'm in the heartlands, so we have everything near here, the supermarkets, cinema, library, malls....almost like your downtown area. town to me is where the Central business district is, with more offices and more malls. Let's see if I have the time to go this weekend.

Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

What a cute little place! And from your photos I can see the autumn colors are still dotting the landscape nicely. :) Canby reminds me of the town of Tracy, here in California. It is just outside Stockton. Quiet and small, but homey and comfy. :) Thanks so much for playing along this week. I always smile when I see you have been by.


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Liz said...

I didn't know Oregon was in the United Kingdom!
But I would welcome your town anytime and never feel 'down' :))
From across the pond with love.