Monday, April 20, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #34 -- Earth Day

It's time for another Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, thanks to my friend Carly, and since Wednesday is Earth Day, this is the theme she has chosen.

My post is featuring a few plants that I am happy about, the first being a big rosemary bush from which I cut sprigs of rosemary for cooking. It was larger but got cut back a little while ago. Still, it is huge!

The next picture is of a tree that has grown volunteer in my back yard flower bed. I think it could be a walnut. It has no greenery on it -- no buds as yet -- so I'm not sure if it survived the winter but I hope it did. I like having another tree on the place.

The last shot is of my red maple, planted by my kids in my back yard several years ago, and which is blossoming out and leafing nicely this year. I think it looks nice against the hedge plants (arborvita).

For extra credit, we could show our reusable shopping bags, and I have been using mine at the Fred Meyer superstore for a couple of weeks now. I keep them in the car and thus have photographed one of them on the back of the car, in the garage, which highlights it against the dark background.

The question of the week was what I have always wanted to photograph but never had the chance, and that would be hummingbirds! I don't seem to have hummingbird-friendly plants because they never come around and so I don't have opportunities to take pictures of them.

For information about joining in the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot or seeing what the other participating bloggers have posted, go to the link in the first sentence. It is a fun thing to do!


Jama said...

That's a very nice bag you got there, most of my re-usable bags are plain in colors. I wouldn't mind having one as beautiful as yours.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

You are so lucky you can grow rosemary outdoors. I have to grow mine indoors...or take it out during the summer.

Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

Happy Earth Day! Gardens are so special, I have had many happy hours growing my own vegetables and flowers. I just love your bag, so pretty and feminine.


Mike said...

I bet the little tree will be okay. I have a tree in the backyard that blooms very late as well. Every year I think it is dead, but it always comes back. :)