Monday, July 20, 2009

EMPS #47 -- Patterns

Today is Ellipsis Monday Photo Challenge again, sponsored by Carly at Ellipsis, and the theme is patterns. She wants us to think outside of the box and I have tried to do that, although I'm not sure I've succeeded.

Above is one of my favorites -- Silver's fur pattern. I could look at it all day! And then it is against the old linoleum on my bedroom floor, which is another interesting pattern. Maybe the two together are outside of the box?

Above are cross-stitches that I made from patterns, and each has its own special look. I liked the bunnies for the kitchen and for a while I had a double wedding-ring quilt on my bed that I made the similar quilt cross-stitch to go with.

This is the pattern on a kimono that my sister gave me for my birthday one year. It's great for summer, being a light cotton.
As for the extra credit, Carly wants to know if I have ever photographed items in groups to show a pattern. I believe that I have done so unintentionally, and I'm thinking of sailboats nestling into their moorage slots at piers out at the coast.
She also wants a paragraph about our photography patterns in general. The kimono is fascinating to me because of its fan patterns all over it, and I like the cross-stitch patterns, especially since I can't do cross stitch any more due to my eyes. And Silver's pattern fascinates me, too, because I can't believe the way a cat's stripes grow in so perfectly exactly the same way all the time.
To see the EMPS participant blogs, to to the link in the first sentence above.


Sherrie said...

Love your cross stitch! It's beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


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Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

Beautiful patterns! I know what you mean about your kitty. I just love looking at my Dylan. Tabbies are such beautiful cats, yours reminds me of my first tabby Chloe. She was silver too! Great entry darlin... and as always I am impressed by your cross stitch abilities!



Liz said...

I think your kitty is displaying a 'mackerel' tabby pattern.
I hope any fish are outside the box being stalked so professionally.
Great action photo of a photogenic feline.

Mike said...

We used to have a cat like that when I was in high school. I always liked the coloring as well.

Good job on the cross-stitching.

avagdro said...

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