Saturday, July 25, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge -- My Vehicle of Choice

The theme for the Round Robin Photo Challenge today is "My Vehicle of Choice", and my selection of photos is made easy because I have just one vehicle. It is my 2007 Merlot Ford Fusion, which I nicknamed Ruby (but I don't call her that very often). I fell in love with her at the dealership and just had to have her. She has a sunroof that I have never used and a slim and tasteful racing stripe on either side that ends up front with the word "Fusion", as follows.

I have just over 10,000 miles on her, which isn't bad for two years.

The inside has leather seats that are heated in the wintertime. I still don't know what a lot of the buttons are for. LOL! But I enjoy my little car all the same.

To see more participating bloggers' vehicles, go to the Round Robin Photo Challenge site. There are directions on how to participate, if you would like to! It's lots of fun!


Betty said...

What a beauty! Love your car!!

Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

What a cutie! I just love her color. I wanted a red Saturn, but Alan talked me into the green instead. LOL. Last time I take him car hunting with me. LOL. Great idea for the challenge, thanks so much for suggesting it. :)

Hugs, Carly

Monica said...

I love the name Ruby for this car, it's perfect. Beautiful car.

Martha said...

Nice car! I love the interior! I had a Corvette in my younger days that had a silver beige metallic leather interior - yours reminds me of that!

a corgi said...

that is a very nice looking car! I love that the seats warm up in winter! I bet that is a very nice thing to have :)


Karen Funk Blocher said...

How pretty! Love the logo especially, and the seats are a lot like the ones on my Eagle. It's a trade-off, isn't it - the more cool features something had now, the more there is to learn, and it isn't always worth bothering. Enjoy your car!

Gattina said...

Honnestly I don't care about cars, they have to have 4 wheels, a steering wheel and breaks, and not to big, lol !

Lin said...

Oh, these re so cute! We looked at them in a search for a replacement for my husband's car. Great red!

Stephen Chapman... said...

Love the bee!

I thought that you may be interested in a monthly fun posting that I started in July called "5 on the fifth" where you take 5 random photographs on the fifth of the month and post them somewhere on the net and then post a comment on MY blog with your name, location and link to the site containing your photos and I update my blog entry so the world has your link.


Here's a link to my blog

and a link to the last "5 on the fifth" entry