Saturday, August 8, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge -- Bottled Up

Today is the Round Robin Photo Challenge, with the theme "Bottled Up." We are able to show pictures of any bottles we wish or that have meaning to us.

Here are my Lime Perrier bottles. I don't drink the Perrier in great amounts; I just use it to top off my ice water. It's delicious that way -- very refreshing!

I still have a bottle of my favorite light ale, Henry Weinhard's, in my fridge. This was before I had to tank up on diabetes medication and take other meds that meant I couldn't drink alcohol. I didn't drink it very often -- mostly on vacation -- but I miss it. I would give it away if there was someone close enough to come get it.

To go to the site and see the other Round Robin bloggers' entries, head for the link in the first sentence. They are fun!


ellen b said...

Perrier bottles are so cool. I've always enjoyed seeing them. Sorry about the beer you can't drink just sitting there. Hope you find a taker :0)

Betty said...

I love bottles water too. We don´t get Perrier here, but I have had some.They are great. Nice pic´s!

Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

Goodness, I haven't drank a Perrier in years. I am always grabbing an Evian or maybe a Crystal Geyser Berry water though. :) Never have had a taste for beer, it's the scent, I never could get past it. LOL. Odd, but true!


PS My word verification word is "Songs" cool!

a corgi said...

what a great idea to put just a bit of Perrier in with your regular water; very nice touch (and taste I'm sure)

I bet you'll find someone along the way to enjoy the Henry Weinhard's for you; sorry you can't enjoy it


Jama said...

I prefer Evian , but if it's at home , it's always plain water from the tap.

Martha said...

Great "Bottled Up" entry! Love your shots for Carly's Monday photo shoot too :-)