Monday, September 7, 2009

EMPS #54 -- Archived Photos

Today's Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, sponsored by Carly's blog, Ellipsis, has the theme of "Archived Photos." They must have been taken over a month ago and must not have been published here before. I decided on a boat theme, mainly because I have boat pictures that are in my archives that I haven't posted here before. The first one is from a trip Steve and I took to Hawaii in 1992, of a glass-bottomed boat we went on there, the Lin Wa II. We had an enjoyable time watching the skin diver and the fishes below us on the boat.

The second boat was on Maui, in Lahaina, while the first one was on Oahu. It was named the Carthaginian. It had a skeleton down below and a pretty ship's cat. Steve and I enjoyed being on it.

This third boat is our old sailboat, which Steve named "Sue" but I wasn't crazy about that name. We never did come up with a better one, though. LOL! We spent a lot of enjoyable time on it before he died.

As extra credit, we're supposed to: Tell us about the photo. Where did you take it? Why did you take it? Was there something difficult about the experience?

I think I have told where I took the photos, with the exception of the photo of our sailboat, which was taken in Astoria. Why I took the Hawaii photos? I think that's obvious -- when traveling to such a lovely and exotic place, one must take photos! And I wanted the picture of our sailboat, which I'm glad to have now as it may be the only one I have left. There were no difficulties with the experience.

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Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

Oh my, you have some wonderful nautical themed photos.Steve has such a nice smile on his face, I imagine it was a wonderful trip. A glass bottom boat sounds like so much fun! I haven't been on one before, but I would love to. How exciting!

Jama said...

Looks like an exciting holidays for you both!

fdtate said...

Very nice photos! I'd love to see them bigger.

Greg said...

These are great!! Love the blue sky, and anything dealing with boats is something that catches my eye. I hope these aren't archived too far away because they should be looked at often.


Liz said...

The sail boat 'Sue' holds lines that I cannot fill with words.
She lies with a mast that touches the blue sky and her keel feels the blue depths, as both are her home.
She is beautiful and can only hold beautiful memories.
Thank you for sharing your photos.