Wednesday, February 17, 2010

EMPS #77 -- The Cone Zone

Carly of the blog Ellipsis has presented us with a challenge -- to photograph traffic cones or things associated with them, such as men or women at work. She said to be safe about it, which was my particular challenge, especially after having received two traffic tickets this year. I came upon a safe cone, much to my surprise, this morning as I went through the drive through ATM at my bank. I think it is kept there for when workers service the drive through ATM. Whatever the reason, I had a great shot of it and thus was able to come home and upload it for this meme.

If you would like to go cone-hunting, return with your spoils of the hunt (photos of an orange cone or two) and go to Carly's site as listed in my first sentence to get the directions. Have fun!


Jama said...

A good find, I must say! Over here in Singapore it's quiet easy to find them as we have lots of constructions going on near the road, just that the cones are used sparingly compared to the 'blocker'. Not sure if that's the correct name for it, have a look at my EMPS entry this week.

Spiderdama said...

Nice picture and a great reflektion:-)

Sandy from the Heart of texas said...

Great cone find! In our town they seem to use the cones a lot. In fact my husband does construction work and he has a few in his truck.

I like your photo and the reflection in the mirror!

Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

Oooooh... very nicely done! :) Great catch, and I love the rear view shot. :)

:) Carly

Carolyn Ford said...

Great mirror reflection!