Saturday, February 13, 2010

Round Robin Photo Challenge -- Childhood Memories

This Round Robin Photo Challenge is about "Childhood Memories." I thought I had an old bandana from when I was a girl in my then-church's Primary organization to photograph, but I couldn't find it. Mainly what I have left are these pictures. The first one is of my Grandma and Grandpa McClellan -- my paternal grandparents. The next picture is of my family on my dad's side. I am in there towards the left side of the picture. You can pick me out by finding the little girl in the same dress as I'm wearing in the next picture, where I'm with my girl cousins. I am on the extreme left there. The last picture of me is as a littler girl, probably in my 2's, and I remember the plaid couch I'm sitting on very well. It was the one in our house in Logan, Utah, and before that, in the apartment my parents lived in, upstairs from the grandparents shown. I'm guessing that my dad took all except for maybe the first picture, as he was the family shutterbug back then.

Childhood photo

Me and my cousins

Me as a girl

Below is a picture of a miniature Lane hope chest I got in high school. It was to encourage me to buy a regular-sized hope chest but my family couldn't afford that. It's just been hanging around here and has been partially broken so that it won't shut right by a couple of cats I know.

To go see more childhood memories, go to the Round Robin Photo Challenge blog and follow the links as instructed.


ellen b. said...

Hi Suzanne...I remember getting one of those little hope chests too. I never got a regular sized Hope Chest either although I bought some items for a Hope Chest :0)
Love these great old photos!!

Scrabblequeen said...

Love your oldies!

Gattina said...

Oh gosh a Hope Chest ! (I first had to look in my dictionary, I didn't know what it is) Fortunately my parents never did that for me I was already angry that I got cuttlery for each birthday in view of a marriage ! I prefered a record ! That was 55 years ago, lol !

Monica said...

I still have my little hope chest too! And I also wanted a regular sized one but, like you my family couldn't afford it and even though I was working part time, I couldn't either!

I enjoyed looking at the old photographs, thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

How neat! I guess you got the "Shutterbug" bug from your dad, huh?

Nice job...


Jama said...

i don't have many photos of my childhood, not too sure if my mom still kept the very few we have. She moved several times,so it might be lost.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I like the second and third shots very much. And even a smaller Lane hope chest, even a little broken, is a cool thing to have. i don;t know that I've ever seen a real hope chest - unless you count my husband's cedar chest!