Monday, January 19, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #21 -- Youngins

I have been lucky enough to have plenty of pictures of youngins, especially sibling youngins, which Carly at Ellipsis said would be our extra credit this time around in the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot. The two top pictures are of 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter Emily and then of her 6-year-old brother, Noah. Noah was flying the plane and making airplane noises. I have cheated a bit and added school pictures of my other grandsons, also siblings -- Michael, soon to be 10, and his brother, Alex, who just turned 8.

For links to last week's participants and to find this week's players along with links to their blogs in the comments of Ellipsis, go to the link I have included in the first sentence.


Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

Wonderful! They all have such gorgeous and expressive eyes. Emily is going to break some hearts, no doubt about it!! They all have smiles that make me smile. Thanks for the great pics of the kids!

Always, Carly

Jama said...

Your grandkids are so beautiful! I'm still waiting for my sons to even find someone special to settle down.....looks like I have to wait for a looonnnnngggg time.

MyMaracas said...

Beautiful kids! You're so lucky.

Wammy said...

Aren't grand kids the greatest? Yours are cute as can be. I love the crossed arms in the school pictures. And the blue eyes in the other two...stunning.

Mike said...

Very cute kids. I'm sure you treasure your time with them.