Friday, January 9, 2009

Feline and Furball Friday -- Socksie tries to warm up

For Feline and Furball Friday, I am posting shots of little Miss Socksie sleeping in various places and positions. She and Silver both love to sleep on this crocheted throw that my sister made and gave me, but her being all curled up like that indicates that she was a bit chilly that day. Since then, she has burrowed under the sofa cover and throw on the seat as in the second picture, where she is a living, breathing lump of much-warmer kitty! I just have to be careful not to sit there, but she's safe because I never do; I always sit in one of the two recliners.

Steven of (sometimes)photoblog hosts Feline and Furball Friday, and he will post his entry later on today. Head on over there for links to last week's participants in his post as well as links to this week's in the comments. It's fun!

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Love these. My dogs sometimes try to burrow, but mostly all they manage to do is rip the blanket!