Monday, May 4, 2009

EMPS #36 -- A Walk in the Park

Today, Carly of the blog Ellipsis asked that, for our Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, we walk through a park and take pictures of what we saw. I could tell that rain was on the way but there were just a few sprinkles on my windshield when I ran to Canby, to Wait Park in the center of the downtown area, and took pictures of the park and what was going on there. Due to the impending rain, there weren't too many people there but I did photograph a couple of families playing on the playground equipment.

Here is the sign that welcomes visitors to the park, although there is access to it from every direction. The park is visually-appealing and well-maintained. Notice how even the garbage cans are nicely done.

The Wait Park gazebo is used in the summertime by various visiting bands during the Slice of Summer Concert Series.

Here are children playing on the playground equipment, with Mom joining in.

Interesting slides in the park.

A shot of the slides, taken from an unusual angle.

Carly's question this week had to do with how often we add special effects from photo editing software. As I am a technical dunce at such things, I have to say that I never do. ;-)

To see EMPS #36 at Carly's site, just go to the URL in the first sentence.


Jama said...

Nice park! I've yet to post mine, too many photos to choose from. :p

Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

What a pleasant little place! :) Spring is in full bloom there! Beautiful!!!