Monday, May 25, 2009

EMPS#39 -- Memorial Day

Carly of the blog Ellipsis wanted to know today what we did on our Memorial Day. As I had already taken flowers to the cemetery for Steve's and his parents' graves, the day was one of quiet reflection for me. I spent a good part of it in this recliner (when I wasn't upstairs in my office, on my computer).

On the news, I saw a lot about the military and parades honoring our soldiers, plus flags at the national cemeteries. I got a picture of a replay of the space shuttle Atlantis going up on its last mission on the NASA Channel, which I think is one of the brave things that people in our country do.

I would have had other pictures of military scenes from the TV except my battery went dead during the news and wasn't charged until afterwards.

For extra credit, we can write about what Memorial Day means to us personally. I am mostly touched by the loss of those near and dear to me. I am unable to put flowers on my parents' graves as they are in Utah, but I have thought about them. As a member of a pacifist church, I am not strongly militant but I have my own thoughts and beliefs and I do very much appreciate those in the military as well as civilians who died for our freedom.

To see links to others who are participating, go to Carly's blog as linked in the first sentence. This week's bloggers will be commenting on her blog.


Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

That looks like a comfy chair, and such pretty quilts. :) Quiet reflection is mostly how I spent the day as well, remembering my parents and my good friends, and of course, my Elvis.



Jama said...

I'm getting a clearer picture about how memorial day should be celebrated, thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

Mike said...

Nice pictures. As Carly said, a day of reflection is a good idea for Memorial day.