Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #71 -- Weather

Today I am posting this week's entry for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, sponsored by Carly of the blog Ellipsis. The theme this week is "weather," and we are to post pictures of the weather where we are right now. We can post a shot of our favorite weather for extra credit, but I'm not sure I have a picture of that. How do you show sunny and 73 degrees? LOL! Here is the weather now, though. The first was taken going down a deserted country road near my house and is of the windshield wiper swiping the rain. The second is of the rain-soaked driveway at my house, taken from in the garage.

If you would like to participate, go to the link in the first sentence. Carly has all the directions on her blog.


Jama said...

We've been having lots of intermittent rain lately, at least it's a bit cooler .

Carly said...

Hi Suzanne :)

I love the sound of the rain, and how nice and clean it makes everything seem. :) Beautiful pictures darlin! I really like that you used one with the windshield wiper running, it really gives us a sense of what it's like there right now.


jr cline said...

Looks a lot like my world last week.

Liz said...

The first photograph contains the movement of the windscreen wipers that capture the rhythm of the water falling as rain.
This is an action photograph in the best sense of the word.