Tuesday, December 23, 2008

After yesterday's snowfall . . .

This shows where the planter box was, which I posted a picture of a couple of days ago.

The location of the tree stump, also pictured two or three days ago.

Today it quit snowing and has almost been up to freezing, according to my thermometer. The snow is beautiful but leaves me mostly housebound. I am now out of bread since what I had in the fridge was too old, I discovered. I have other breadstuffs (bagels, rolls, hot dog buns) so I'm not in too bad a shape, but it feels like I am lacking something, not having bread, even if I didn't eat it often. LOL!

We are scheduled to thaw out on Saturday and my heart is turned to that day, most definitely. I'm not looking forward to whatever snow and/or freezing rain may come in the meantime. At least, I have power, which is a blessing, and a furnace that will keep me warm whether I have electricity or not. (I just don't want the pump to freeze, so my cell phone is all primed for calling the electric company the minute I should lose power, although I truly hope that doesn't happen!) Even the Weather Channel has said that we are going to start warming up, and when they say so, most likely it is going to take place for sure.

A friend in the U.K. told me this morning that a few scientists predicted a very cold winter based on the lack of sun spots on the sun this past summer. Spooky, that. I hope they are wrong and that it warms up to our usual windy and rainy winter here -- that I can deal with much better (despite my dislike of very much wind).

When we thaw out, you may hear me shouting in happiness no matter where you are located!

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