Monday, December 8, 2008

Mr. Integrity

The above picture was taken by my son Jeff, but I had to include it in this blog. I am nothing if not a proud Grandma! Jeff's 6-year-old son, Noah, received it for "Integrity" at his school, where he is in kindergarten. Apparently one child per class per month is chosen for the honor. His mom, Steph, didn't know anything about it until she found the award in Noah's backpack and asked him about it. He told her that he got the award at a "funeral" at school. LOL! My guess is that he didn't know what else to call the assembly. His dad wrote about it on his blog Jethro's World. I have the information he gave here, though, plus some updated info from a private family site. I am happy for this little family!

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Dawn said...

Yeah for Noah !!