Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday heaven -- pumpkin pie

Although this pumpkin pie was store bought, it came from a bakery that makes their pumpkin pies taste as good as homemade -- Cutsforth's Thriftway in Canby, Oregon. I topped it with Reddi-Wip extra creamy whipped cream because I'm lazy. ;-) I had thought that one of my cats might get to the whipped cream before I could take the shot but fortunately a sniff of the pumpkin pie was all Socks needed in order to know that she wasn't interested in what I was putting out onto the cupboard. LOL!

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Dawn said...

Pumpkin pie looks good. I am responsible for the pies this year. My SIL and Hep are doing prime rib for Christmas. The pies that I am getting are homemade from a diner. I am getting an apple, with a crumb crust, pumpkin and pecan. Those all sound good. But I won't eat any pie. I have lost 25 pounds so I don't want to blow it.

How is your diabetsis doing ?